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How much mulch, stone or topsoil do I need?

Simple shapes are easier to measure, but you can call us to get all the help you need.

A shape 10 feet x 10 feet x 4 inches deep measures 1.2 cubic yards. For this shape we will suggest you order 2 yards to ensure that you have adequate coverage. Leftovers can be used elsewhere on your property now or in the future, or be sold or gifted to a neighbor or friend. In this example, you could buy only 1 yard of material and skimp on your coverage, but the material is relatively inexpensive, so why would you? Unfortunately, we can only sell in 1-cubic yard increments.

When measuring irregular shapes or multiple areas, simply break the shape down into separate areas and use our calculator to determine the total number of cubic yards needed.

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Please enter each area for which you need the same material before clicking CALCULATE. This will save you money by rounding up to the nearest full yard only on the total order, instead of on each separate area.

Of course, if you are ordering more than one kind of material, calculate the total for each kind of material separately.

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