Green Guarantee

Greenscape Green Guarantees give you better protection in any season.

Because our Ground Management Division, Snow Mitigation Division, Concrete Division, and Waterproofing Division work together, you get an extra layer of seamless protection with our Green Guarantees that is not available from any other company.

Shallow perimeter digging is necessary to frame and prepare the subsurface prior to pouring concrete when building or repairing driveways, walks, patios, roads, and parking lots. Removing snow from areas adjacent to lawns or beds might occasionally damage these green areas. Trenching down to the foot of your entire foundation is necessary to waterproof it properly. This will often require temporary destruction of green areas.

With our unique Green Guarantee, your concrete, snow mitigation or waterproofing project is not finished until adjacent lawn and plant beds — if impacted by our equipment — are restored to as-good or better condition. Depending on the season, you may see the restoration results provided by our Grounds Management Division immediately or may have to wait for Mother Nature’s cooperation. Our goal is always to complete this finishing touch quickly and professionally, to save you the time and money required to do your own landscape repairs.

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