Company Overview

Improving your city one yard at a time since 2007.

Since the start of Greenscape USA in 2007, we have focused on understanding our clients’ wants, needs, and wishes, and then thinking out-of-the-box to excel in every way possible to deliver more than is expected.

Besides establishing and maintaining the beauty of your grounds in Spring, Summer, and Autumn, in Winter we ensure that you have adequate clear access and parking spaces according to a plan you approve, for your staff, vendors, customers, students, or emergency services.

Now, you can also avoid lost production time in Winter, by eliminating the need to have your staff shovel snow at critical access points any time during or after snowstorms. How many hours of staff salary has your business wasted to keep entrances, exits, ramps, loading docks, and steps free from snow and ice, long after your parking lot has been plowed? And, if you fail to do this, what liabilities have you incurred from slips and falls.

With a Greenscape USA four-season plan, your staff will never have to manually shovel snow again to keep your business humming, because snow that falls on critical areas of operation can be made to automatically disappear as the snow falls at a rate of up to 2-inches an hour.

As a result, businesses can attract more patronage; campuses are better able to meet the needs of educators and students, municipalities can be more responsive to the safety of their constituents; and estates can enjoy more functionality as critical points of egress and operations remain virtually free of snow.

Think about this. A snowfall of only 1-inch per hour will deposit 24 inches of snow daily on every exposed surface of your property. What might you gain if selected critical points of operation remained snow free, effortlessly?

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